Lost My Hobbs Today..

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katzintheclouds created the topic: Lost My Hobbs Today..

Hi everyone!
I haven't been on here in a while but I lost my oscar Hobbs today, he was 7.
He'd slowed down with eating lately, I think he was just ready to go sadly. He had always been a very hearty fish, always with a great appetite but he just quit.
I tried bugs, frozen blood worms, frozen shrimp, pellets, everything. I had expected to be with me at least a few more years but I'm happy I had him for as long as I did.

Has anyone else lost their oscars in the 7 year range? He was in a 40 gallon by himself, two filters. Didn't show any other signs of illness (recovered from HITH a while ago, had a little scarring, but otherwise pretty good).


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muddybear replied the topic: Lost My Hobbs Today..

Firstly-sorry for your loss, always s**ty to lose a pet.

You asked for any thoughts so here goes-not wanting to offend but maybe something to keep in mind should you decide to have another Oscar.

40 gallons is simply too small for an adult Oscar-the minimum that most would recommend is 75g.
At only 40g it would be highly unlikely that you would be able to maintain good water quality (unless changing 100% daily) and even then the cramped environment would have been inadequate for a 12/14 inch fish.
You mentioned that he had HITH previously-unfortunately the tank size was more than likely a contributing factor and ultimately played a part in the shortened life of your fish.

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DRACO replied the topic: Lost My Hobbs Today..

keeping an oscar for a long time, i am used to lost some...
i had lost my Survivor after getting blind at 5... she live for another 2 years
via hand feeding...

lately, i lost my 9 year old Gluton, no apparent sign at all at the community...
the rest remains good until now...

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