eye cloud, I believe eye pop & maybe blind. HELP!!

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J Sr. replied the topic: Re:eye cloud, I believe eye pop & maybe blind. HELP!!

thanks again for the advice!!! Not sure where your located and time. Im in CA, USA.

I did a 30% or so water change last night and I'm planning on doing it for the next several days as you mentioned.

I'm looking into an airstore. I have the little ones that go at the bottom of a Rome looking thing in the bottom. Once I get the pump I hope that will help with the oxygen...

Air filters: what type of internal filter would you recommend with a 55 gal tank. I currently have the backpack with 2 sides: Top Fin Power Filter model 60 #35906 (if that helps).

One last question: I was reading somewhere that you need to change your lights in the tank if you have live plants. Is this true? And if so, why? curious...

thanks again for the help!!!

p.s. his right eye is MUCH better but still has a little eye cloud but the left is still puffed out and very much clouded... also, did you check out the link I posted in an earlier response. It goes to a picture of him...

J Sr.

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metoo replied the topic: Re:eye cloud, I believe eye pop & maybe blind. HELP!!

I had checked the link you posted, the eye sure looks just like you had said. Can't conclude anything from that though regarding the cause.

I'd still recommend seeing a vet as Penn said already, the Oscar might need some meds, and not sure if you can get antibiotics in your LFS if need be (and that a vet could tell you best). What I had said was meant additionally or as first aid and to prevent such things in the future.

The filter you mentioned doesn't tell me anything. I tried to look it up but couldn't find info so fast now (saw you online and wanted to reply). If it's said to be meant for tanks up to 60 gal, I'd sure go for some additional filtration since Oscars are very messy fish. I personally have some cheap Fluval 404 plus or so for internal powerfilters, and fine with them, although I'd go for eheim 2252 if I could afford.

About the plants, it depends on what you have already regarding lighting. Some need more light than others but don't ask me about the Wattage now. Currently I have 1x 54 Watt T5 Daylight (white) and 1x 54 Watt T5 something that is meant to help plants grow on my 79 gal. Some plants like anubias and javafern can do with less but won't contribute much neither when it comes to oxygen. Tank should be lit about 12 hours daily for plants. There are light tubes available to enhance plant growth, like Gro-Lux and whatever, I don't fuss with that though since the focus is on the fish for me. Basically they have a different light spectrum which can be more red or more blue. You can make a science of it but once the Oscar has ripped the plants apart, it's all for nothing ;)

Hope it gets better and will start eating again.

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