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ingasar created the topic: Relocating question

I will be relocating soon and would like to know the best way to relocate my fish. I figure it will be 2 hours to take down the tank, 10 hours of driving time and 2 hours to set back up the tank. I have heard of sedating fish for travel. Is this recommended? If so, is there a website with information as to how to do this? What is the best way to tranport fish? I figure this can't be that difficult. It must happen all the time.

110 gallon tank (all about half grown)
2 oscar
3 firemouth
3 blue acara
1 jack dempsey
6 silver dollars

20 gallon tank
12 small african cichlids

Thank you

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OFL replied the topic: Re:Relocating question

Looks like you've got your work cut out. I don't think there's a problem with bagging fish up for travel, after all, there are plenty of shops that sell them through the post with no problems. If I was you, I would get advice from them because you are going on quite a long journey. I think you are wise and what you want to do with the fish, it's just doing it properly so you actually give them the right amounts of sedation. Not enough will increase the chance of them getting stressed, too much and you could kill them. I have included a website that I find, it might be of interest to you. I think you are going to be hard pressed to keep your bacteria alive over that period of time so be prepared to cycle all over again.

The fish obviously need oxygen to survive and you need to keep the water warm enough. A large container with an oxygen pump would probably be okay. If you could find a way of creating warm water then you could stop intermittently and make sure that the water is okay, if it isn't, add warm water

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Verse34K replied the topic: Re:Relocating question

I wouldn't sedate them. My advice is too put them in a cooler for the ride(to retain a stable temp). You might want to put an aerator in the esky for a while too.

Good Luck,

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:Relocating question

After that length of time the good bacteria will be killed unless you can keep it running. If you cant keep a filter running you will have to cycle you tank when it is set up. To help in this you can either borrow some media from someone else or try stress zyme

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