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marcobonilla created the topic: MYOSCAR HAS A WHITE SLIME ALL AROUND HIS BODY HELP

i'm having problems with my oscar, is been almost two weeks since he had anything to eat, i only feed him the tropical pellets, i did not notice the white slime that he has all around his body until today, i change his water and everything, his tank levels are good but he does not move that much and he is always on the top of the fish tank and he does not move very often. please send me a respode soon thanks

putting some pics up so you can see the fish its kind of difficult to take a good picture

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Welcome to the site, first of all!

It would be helpful if you could please provide us with some more information about your tank and fish like listed in the sticky thread in this forum. Especially your exact water parameters like ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and as well ph.
Hanging out at the surface often indicates lack of oxygen, so is the Oscar breathing heavily?
There are various possible causes for a production of excess mucous, like poor water quality, wrong ph or significant fluctuation of ph, or as well some parasite induced condition called slime disease, caused by protozoan or worm parasites. I haven't seen the latter in all my life though, so I believe it's not really common.
Did you add any chemicals to your tank recently like ph adjusting stuff or used anything unusual to clean the tank?
Until you can give us more info I'd advise you to do a water change of at least 30% as first thing, with adding dechlorinator, to help with any possible toxins in the tank or a very low or high ph.

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:MYOSCAR HAS A WHITE SLIME ALL AROUND HIS BODY H

I agree with metoo. Do as large a water change as possible. I would suggest 50% daily. I would also get the treatment for skin slime. If you cant get the skin slime treatment some white spot treatments also treat fungus and velvet so that would help but only one treatment. Dont forget to redose for any water you have changed if the treatment doesnt require redosing daily

Also try him on some other foods like defrosted frozen prawns, maggots or garden worms. If he dont eat the food take it back out again. What size tank do you have, how big is your oscar and what other fish do you have in with your oscar and are they affected

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