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Necromancer4 created the topic: moonlights

moonlights can be easy and inexpensive to make for your aquarium. there are a couple of ways to accomplish this one is with l.e.d. and the other with cold cathode tubes. since i'm not really savy with electricity i decided to go with the cathode light since they are easier to wire up. first a trip to the computer store to purchase two 12" blue cold cathode light strips(generally used to illuminate computer towers). next i disasembled an old canopy light i had and removed the reflector. and finally i rumaged around until i found an power inverter from an old cordless phone(it is important to note that the inverter has a dc power output of nine volt and 800 milliamps)

the assembly

remove the 1/8 jack at the end of the inverter and bare the wires. next cut the wire harness of the cathode tube after the on off switch and connect to the inverter(if the lights do not come when power is applied simply reverse the wire and try again). solder the connections and shrink tube the wires.
place the cathode tubes into in the desired location and fasten them in place securely. secure the wires to the canopy and your done.

note: test wiring to ensure that the lights are functional before soldering and shrink tubing the wires

i use a timer to turn my moonlights on 1/2 hour before the main lights go off and start them 1/2 hour before the lights come on. i find this increase in subtle lighting extends the viewing time and help in seeing the noctunal fish such as plecos go about their business.

the total cost for me was the price of the cathode tubes $17 cdn

also i made these to light my 190 imp gal tank so if your tank is smaller you might be able to use shorter lengh of cathode tubes.

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delboybully replied the topic: Re:moonlights

I use moonlight bulbs on my tanks. I have them come on for 2 hours before my main light come on at 6pm. I then have them come at 8pm until 2 hours after main lights go off. I find the blue colour brings out the fish colours nicely.

I use bought lights, they fit into a standard starter unit

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