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Sosban Fach created the topic: Styrofoam?

Hey guys,

So the stand is built; tank is resealed and im hopeing to fill it up with a few inches of water tomorrow night. I will do a major fill two days following wqhen the stand has settled.

I am planning on doing the water test on its stand in the kitchen, because my garage floor is realy un-level.

I have some styrofoam, which I was planning on putting under the tank.

Now Ive just read a thread on another website saying not to use styrofoam after some guy used it and his tank cracked. Conversly on the same thread people explain that styrofoam is a good idea. Theory tends to favour styrofoam, providing you get the correct load supporting density. That said I can see the logic behind both arguments and I'd like your opnion.

The reason they think not to use styrofoam is because if theres an airbubble between the styrofoam and the base it would cause un even loading. To me this doesnt make sense because you can compress air easily. a tank would squish any small bubbles. They also say that manufacturers recommend against it/dont use styrofoam so diys shouldnt. Well if your stand is guarenteed perfectly level then why should you. This also sounds like a means to put doubt into the diy'er suggesting you should buy one of there stands (sales guys rely on ignorance).

On the other hand the logic about uneven loading does make sense. If you provide uneven loading then it will fail. I am useing three lengths of 50x220x1580 pine as my base. Pine is a softwood and subject to warping in damp conditions (Ive coated it in outdoor preservative). Any warping should be significantly limited by the weight of the tank and the thickness of the wood; If it does warp the styrofoam should compensate. Thatsaid all this un-even loading there talking about is of insigifficant amounts; sure it you try to balance a tank on a steel spike its going to crack. A grain of sand or a ridge a few mm high is going to be flattened. They seem to be ignoring the strength of the glass base all together.

Whilst all this theory makes sense it is just theory; what happens in practice?

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ehall67 replied the topic: Styrofoam?

I have used styrofoam to level my tank b4... if it is level then there is no uneven pressure on any sides of the tank...

the base is strong but the seems can be an issue if all the pressure is on one of them...

but the base could crack from a sharp point even rocks in a tank should not be placed right on the glass but on a egg crate to create even pressure ... just like a stand...

but if yours is even like my 265 is I do not use styrofoam and it is a DIY

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