Need water change drip system tips

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Elisar created the topic: Need water change drip system tips

First off I'm aware this probably won't work and it's up to my dad on whether or not he'll allow it, he said he doesn't mind a few holes and things but I'm not so sure of whether he's happy with all the piping going everywhere so please don't spend too much time helping me out this is mainly just a way for me to get my current ideas down so I don't forget and get some small amount of advice, I feel quite silly for even making this thread lol so please don't spend too much time on it, I'm aware there's a lot to read here so I don't want to waste your time. :S

For the people with time to spare I was wondering if any of you has any experience with automatic water changing systems.

I have a few questions and some may sound silly. :unsure:
The point of this is I plan to get a large tank, even larger than my current one, when I move house but fear the water changes on it, I have plenty of time to learn and get some experience with them so that's why I'm doing it now.

First I'd like to get some experience with them on the tank I have at the moment but I'm concerned on whether or not the positioning of the tank makes it possible.

My first problem is treating the water and knowing whether chloramine is in the water, so first off I guess my Q is how do I find out if I have it in my water, or would I know already? I'll be doing some research into my water tomorrow morning so hopefully that will help.

I assume my water only contains chlorine, which I know can be treated by simply using a holding tank. I'm not sure how or if it's even worth incorporating this into the setup as I've read that if you drip the water into the tank slowly then the chlorine won't have a very large effect and will simply leave the tank over time anyway.

I think the most important part of figuring out how to set this up properly is the location of my tank and water supply, this may sound silly but I have no idea about my water supply, I don't own the house so I don't know very much about it but I'm sure I can find out tomorrow and take some pictures.
There is something like a container with a few pipes coming out of it that leads into the sink which may be a possible location of my water supply (I believe it also may be where the water drains to so if that is the case any help on locating my water supply would be helpful. :) ) but I can't really picture it in my head as I rarely see it.
I'm only 16 so I have no experience with water supplies in houses so I hope you can forgive my lack of knowledge. :(

There's a 2nd picture below which shows where I think I could get the clean water and put the old water to. If you can't be bothered to read.

Here's a plan of my bottom floor of my house just to help envision what I'm trying to do.

Please forgive my terrible paint skills haha.

Now my "idea" is if the tank under my sink IS my water supply, then I'd attach a pipe and pressure regulator to the tank, drill a hole in the back of the sink and feed the pipe or tubing through up the wall and either around the entire wall or across the roof, to the "hollow thin wall" and feed the tubing down to the bottom and drill a hole through to the aquarium stand. (I actually have some units here that I forgot to include with a fridge and freezer there to hide the holes and piping/tubes) Then I'd drill another hole through the stand and put it into a holding tank or sump type of thing. Another variation obviously is to feed it straight into the tank but I don't know which is the better choice. If I went with the holding tank then I'd simply feed another tube from there into the tank with the dripper.

Now for the way to get the water out is a little trickier. First thing is adding an overflow, my tank is slightly off balance so one side of the tanks water is lower by like a 1/4" or 1/2" and the water is very close to the supports for the tank so adding too much water would submerge them which is quite ugly.
But after deciding whats the best place to put the overflow now comes the problem of where the waste water goes, I think the easiest option is to have it is to go the same as the way the water comes up and simply put it down my sink but that means I'll have an ugly pipe sticking into my sink but not too much of a problem, I'm not sure If I can drill a hole through the wall to put it outside as it is brick.

Here's a picture of how I'm guessing it will be but I'm 80% sure this won't work anyway due to my lack of knowledge.


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kjkramer replied the topic: Need water change drip system tips

I got nothing.... :huh:

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theniceguy9112 replied the topic: Need water change drip system tips

Hope this video helps. This guy makes it nice and simple.


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DJoneser replied the topic: Need water change drip system tips

Not sure if it will help but there is a great plumbing how-to at

Check out also..

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