Easy REDOX Test

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pepetj created the topic: Easy REDOX Test

REDOX (Redox Potential) or ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) or simply Oxydation Potential is an important yet overlooked parameter for healthy tanks. The most accurate way of measuring is through electronic meters, but there's an easy ORP/REDOX screening test we shall be able to perform.

Healthy REDOX means among other things: reduced risk of Hole In The Head (HITH), a symptom/disease that unfortunately our beloved Oscars are prone to develop.

Not that we need to worry too much since good maintenance (regular partial water changes, good filtration, substrate vacuum) most of the time is all that is needed to keep a healthy REDOX.

Materials needed:
a) disposable plastic container
b) Methylene Blue
c) Pipette, drop counter or alike

1) Take a sample of water of your tank and place it in a disposable plastic container,
2) Place it into a well lit area (to observe "results" better)
3) Add a few drops of Methylene Blue (likely as if dosing for MB bath)

Note: MB will likely stain your pipette, drop counter or alike as well as the container used to perform the test. Be careful not to let the MB enter your tank: MB is highly toxic for our beneficial bacteria!

If the dark blue color dissipates (gets lighter), even if just a bit, your tank is likely to have a healthy (negative) REDOX potential.

If it remains unchanged or looks really dark then it's not good.

If you are interested in reading on this parameter, here's the source of my info:
Author: Carl Strohmeyer

Hope this info is helpful

Santo Domingo

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PAUL replied the topic: Re:Easy REDOX Test

i'm gonna try this one at home. i still have MB there.
thanks for the info.

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