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tehmole replied the topic: Water conditioner

are you checking your water after the WC or few hrs later?

i would say 20ppm out of the tap will drive me nuts trying to keep the nitrates down even after a WC ...

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Unseen replied the topic: Water conditioner

Suprd71 wrote:

Unseen wrote: We all have different ways to our WC I guess.

1. I turn off everything apart from the light, and I do my gravel clean. My Plec and Oscar does make a lot of mess, so I need to try and get rid of any organic waste trapped in the gravel. Gotta keep those Nitrates down!

2. I clean my glass and then stir my gravel at the end when it seems like I can't get any more waste. Whatever is left goes into the water.

3. I then use a tube and suck out the water into a bucket. The aim is 50%.

4. I add my Stress Coat. When it comes to Water Conditioner I always top up the amount for the whole tank with a little extra to be safe.

5. I add my water.

This happens every few days. The water quality is very good for me, apart from 20 Nitrates which I have in my tap water. That's partly why I do water changes more often than not. I shall be moving onto Seachem Prime soon.

20ppm out of your tap puts you in a position where a w/c is needed. How do you figure your water quality is good when even a 100% change leaves you at 20 and rises from there?

Well I did say it is good apart from the 20 Nitrates. Nitrates are less harmful than Ammonia and Nitrites and at 20PPM it is not ideal but with my water changes I have kept it below 40PPM at all times.

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Goranothos replied the topic: Water conditioner

20ppm Nitrates out of the tap kinda sucks. I have 10ppm and thought that was bad.

Have you checked into chemical Nitrate removers and/or the Aquipure nitrate filters?


Not sure if the Aquipure product is "snake oil" or not, but I thought about giving them a try later on. I *do not* advocate using them as a substitute for regular water changes, even if they do keep Nitrates down.

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