Hard Alkaline Water?

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VonDutch replied the topic: Hard Alkaline Water?

Goranothos wrote: Hi. Probably nothing wrong with the test kit you are using. Liquid test kits are far superior to test strips. Just make sure you follow the directions closely when doing the Nitrate test, as you need to do a lot of agitation in order to get accurate results.

One Oscar in a 90 gallon tank is good.

Your water change schedule is good.

10-20 ppm Nitrates in your tap water is not good. I'm in the same situation. I suggest you consider a denitrator. This is a different sort of filter that uses a slow water flow and anaerobic bacteria to remove nitrates from your tank water. It is particularly beneficial, IMO, for those of us who have nitrates in our tap water.

The one I use is made by Aquaripure, a USA company. My results with this filter have been very good. I believe there is at least one European company that offers something similar, or, if you are handy, you can make a DIY filter.


Another option is a large HOB filter full of Pothos.

Thanks for the help man. Keeping tropical fish is common here so no shortage of big stores. I already found a couple of places where they sell denitrators for a reasonable price. Will definitely look into that since I didn’t know that my friggin tapwater contains around 12.5ppm. Thought it would be 0 but when I search on the internet, I see that nitrate levels can go from 0 to like 30 in my country depending on your location. Will buy one if all the other tips do not help. So a denitrator is pretty much a normal filter with special media in it with a very poor flow to promote anaerobic bacteria activity, which converts nitrate into nitrogen.

Darth Nandopsis wrote: Not sure where you obtained the info that Oscar will do well in harder water ("7.2 being ideal")...7.5 is an ideal PH for Rift Lake cichlids.....that's very high for Oscars. Oscars are an Amazonian cichlid ancestrally, & should be kept in the same water as Discus, Angels, Severums....soft acidic water. It's the same as keeping Rift Lake cichlids in soft water....long term, they will get stressed & not do well if not given the proper conditions. I am a firm believer in proper water chemistry for fish, & keeping fish in H2O that isn't right for them long-term will definitely stress them out....& stress can lead to all sorts of maladies, including HITH. I've kept Oscars on & off for decades....never had one get HITH/LLE...ever. I keep my Red Oscar in "Blackwater" conditions....& he thrives. I would suggest you try peat in your filter, because it can't hurt.

That being said, you do have high nitrates....I would suggest a de-nitrator or perhaps even a Pothos filter....one of our members Goranothos has a de-nitrator, & it works well for him.

Also, try & get Boyd's Vita-Chem......best vitamin on the market....I've had people cure HITH strictly from frequent WC's & Boyd's. I feed FD krill soaked in Boyd's as a regular part of all my cichlids diet.

EDIT: WOW, D, you beat me to it. B)

I wasn’t trying to be a smartass or anything like that, since you obviously know a lot more about water chemistry, but that’s information I found on this website (not the forum, the main page). It says that PH 6-8 is ideal for oscars. The specific ‘7.2 being ideal’ information is from aquariuminfo.org/oscar.html and www.ehow.com/way_5868488_proper-ph-oscar-fish.html
I also read a while back that forum member Rocksor said that 7.2 is fine (in another thread) and that moderator Suprd71 has a ph of 7.2 in all of his tanks. So that’s why I thought 7.5 wouldn’t be an issue. www.oscarfishlover.com/forum/53-water-chemistry/303210-hard-alkaline-water
Apart from the PH, is there anything else you could think of that I might be doing wrong or could be doing better? Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I really do appreciate it. For now I am upping my WC's, checking nitrates more regularly so I can sort of find out what the rate of production is and adding liquid vitamins to his frozen cubes (alongside the soaked pellets).

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Goranothos replied the topic: Hard Alkaline Water?

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