Fishless cycle problem

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Rocksor replied the topic: Fishless cycle problem

It is normal for the ph to drop due to addition of ammonia. You could either do a water change or add baking soda to bring the ph to at least 5.0. Be aware that a change in ph is not linear when doing a water change, so combining 50% of water with ph 8.0 and 50% of water with ph of 6.0, does not produce water with a ph of 7.0.

With the normal ph test, a ph of 8.0 will read ph 7.6. But during a fishless cycle anything above 7. 0 is great. At a ph of 7.0, bacteria is at a 50% efficiency rate of converting ammonia and nitrites. The bacteria becomes more efficient the higher the ph is, and reaches a 100% efficiency at converting ammonia and nitrites with a ph of 8.3.

Monitor the ph everyday as you add ammonia.
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