Anyone use Purigen?

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claudia1066 created the topic: Anyone use Purigen?

As my tap water is unreasonably high in nitrates at the moment, I was considering adding a slow running filter with Purigen to my tank set up. However, the concern remains of adding the high nitrate tap water at every PWC. Presumably the Purigen isn't an instant fix so every few days or so my fish is going to be exposed to another influx of nitrate riddled water.

I don't particularly want to invest in an RO, so was wondering if I could improve the nitrate level of my tap water BEFORE adding to my tank. Say, by setting up a large water bin with a slow running filter with the Purigen, so I could condition the water before adding it to my tank.

But I don't know enough about Purigen to calculate whether it's a viable idea. How long would I need to run my tap water through the Purigen filter before a significant reduction in nitrate levels would be achieved? If it's more than a week, then it wouldn't be worth it. And in that case, I'll just add it to my tank filter and hope.

Edited to add:

Now I am really confused.

'There is a common misconception that Purigen removes ....contaminates. This is not the case, Purigen controls them by removing the nitrogenous organic waste that is converted into these compounds. When using Purigen, people see their nitrates gradually drop and they believe that it is actually removing them when, in fact, it is actually removing the waste that causes them.'

( )

So if this is the case, why do people add Purigen to slow running filters, which presumably wont be powerful enough to draw in the majority of organic waste talked about above. I really am confused. :-(

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