Need to get nitrates out of source water

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xkristinae created the topic: Need to get nitrates out of source water

I did some water testing with an API master kit on my tap water last night and realized that the water from my faucet is not at suitable levels to be put into a fish tank. According to the nitrate test, I have 30ppm in my tap water. NO GOOD! I need to find a way to remove the nitrates before putting the water into a tank. What products or processes do you recomend using to lower Nitrates to 0??

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Sosban Fach replied the topic: Need to get nitrates out of source water

There are a handful of chemical additives that you can use. It is not advisable to use chemicals to remove nitrates on a regular basis anyway. Partly because its expensive but also because its not good for your fish. I think Prime does it but not so sure. I have never used them for removeing nitrates.

However I do use the following, with success.

You can use seachem purigen, my local stores rely on this stuff because the whole area has high nitrates, Seachem purigen can be very expensive to replenish on a regular basis.

Sechem matrix claims to encourage growth of anerobic bacteria. I have some, but the difference in my opnion is marginal.

Your best option is a reverse osmosis filter. These work by mechanically splitting the water. YOu can get them in a number of sizes. Personally I have a 50GPD, which is a little slow for me because of the size of my tank (150US Gal). I would recomend getting a 100GPD for a tank of a simmilar size. Your actual outflow depends on temprature and the quality of the water going into the filter. Typically your waste water to useable water ratio is 1:3. So fo every gallon of useablke water you have 3 gallons of waste water. RO filters strip out all minerals everything, completly neutralises the water so It is advisable to mix some of your waste water back in with the clean water.

Finally the use of a nitrate filter in your main is also option, but I would recomend trying out the RO filter first (with the execption of a aquponic typ). There are three types of nitrate filters that I know of it depends which is best for you and your tank.

I use all the above so my tank eats nitrates now so I don't have to worry to much about the 40-80ppm + nitrates out of the tap.

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