Bacteria in a Bottle

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daddadoo7 replied the topic: Re:Bacteria in a Bottle

I love this site it is truly my favirote aquarium forum. Its a small community of people that really care about fish...geeezz we even remember the names of each others fish and get to know each other on a personel really dont find that on many sites BUT I do feel that it is wrong to tell another member "your not allowed to say that" when all they are saying is that something worked for them. I have learned allot from everyone and seemed to make some cool friends but if I have to censor what I say as long as its in a respectful manner....well just not cool. How many times do we see someone come on the site they have their oscar or whatever fish in their beautiful new tank but come to find its not cycled ? Whats wrong with me or anyone else advising the person to try xxx product it may help cycle your filters and avoid your fish going through all of that stress ?

Or just plain saying hey something worked for me you may want to try it

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Craigsfish replied the topic: Re:Bacteria in a Bottle

I agree. The short time I been here I got to meet a lot of awesome people and its a pleasure to share on that note I am not going to ruffle anymore feathers on this topic and will keep my opinion to myself about the bb. everyone knows where I stand on the matter so I guess is doesn't matter who thinks its right or who thinks its wrong. Peace out...

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Lammergeier replied the topic: Re:Bacteria in a Bottle

JBare wrote: Is it bad I'm reading for entertainment value only?

Not at all, this is just crazy :ohmy:

I was hoping to just share my research and provide whatever actual evidence I could as to the pros and cons of these products, and maybe start some discussion about the info I was able to find and see if others had anything to add, to be honest.

In my opinion anyway the evidence I found definitely shows there are more cons than pros, but it seems that for a lot of people anecdotal reports or personal experience of it working trumps everything else, even though that in itself isn't actually any real evidence that these products work at all.

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Rocksor replied the topic: Re:Bacteria in a Bottle

I agree with Penn by removing it from his article. People in general will always interpret his article as stating that you cycle the tank by using the bacteria products. Most won't read that it occurred in a lightly stocked 20g tank. They will have it in the back of their minds that the Oscar site says to use it to cycle the tank aka "instant cycle", therefore you can use it on a 55g with an adult oscar to deal with the ammonia and nitrite issues. (The freaking ATM show does not help this, bastages showing an overstocked freshwater tank on the first day of delivery).

Even if everyone says in their posts that it is not an instant cycle, people who Google searches and click on links pertaining to oscars will run across threads like these and "think" that using bacteria in a bottle is what is used to cycle a tank, never mind the fact that we already have 5 pages stating that it is not an instant cycle.

I would have no problem with the bacteria in a bottle if it worked as advertised 100% of the time, but I am not seeing that. In my perception, at best it comes around 50/50 from different users.

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Darth Nandopsis replied the topic: Bacteria in a Bottle

Amen, hallelujah. That's my biggest fear....knowing as I do w/ my LFS background that most people do NOT have the patience for cycling, they are always looking for a shortcut....then some newbie uses this stuff & it doesn't work, they lose fish & then they blame OFL...."Well, I read/someone stated that this stuff will cycle a tank...." It's great it has worked for some.....but as both Rock, myself , & others have stated, it is not 100%, so it won't be touted as a viable alternative to traditional cycling. Not happening, not on my watch.



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