just had fry what to do now plz help

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mouth-brooder-fanatic replied the topic: Re: just had fry what to do now plz help

i suggest removing them from the tank if you have any intention of raising them. you can either set up a separate nursery tank or keep them in a breeder net.
for the past few months to a year iv raised, bred and adored mbuna and assorted africans, so i know some stuff i can help you with :)

the fry tend to like to be kept in small spaces with plants, so i put my RZ fry in a see through plastic trap with a fake plant and fed tetramin stage 3 fry food until they could handle bigger, when i fed uncrushed tetra colour discs. to this day they adore them and wont accept any other food!
the mother may have died of starvation, since they take in no food during holding. she was very dedicated and good on her. my last holding female got bored and ate her batch, so you are lucky! ha x

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