Can anyone identify this cichlid for me?

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Re: Re: Can anyone identify this cichlid for me?

Big-Ken wrote:

myerscichlids23 wrote:

let me just tell you that if it was sold in a an assorted cichlid tank that fish is not a pure blood fish .. it is a hybrid showing kenyi traits like Ken said ...

Are hybrids a bad thing? This is really my first run with cichlids! What kind of tank mates would you suggest? Other mbunas?

Ya for the core hobbyist hybrids are a really bad thing but don't worry about it if you stay in the hobby long enough you'll learn all about it. I suggest you do some research an African tank isn't something you just want to go haphazard into they are beautiful if done right and a complete PITA that you will HATE if not

I can from experience tell you that Ken is very correct. When I bumped my Oscar to a 6ft tank, his original 55 was empty. Buddy from work gave me 6 or 7 Afs. Knowing nothing except for the " word on the street" that Africans do better in a crowd, I added a few more. All was good, I liked the fish, so I bumped them up to a 90g, and added a few more. Then all was not so good. In particular I had several male Chilumbas, which are very high on the mbuna aggression chart. Had to cut that down to 1 only, which I still have. Fish grew, I bumped them to the current 120g. Did some research and added the smaller breeds, Kribs, Edwardi, Red Jewels. Put in lots of stacked coral, plenty of hiding spots, caves etc. About a month or so ago I re-homed a couple more aggressive mbuna and replaced them with 3 Demasoni. Tank is now well adjusted, and outside of some chasing between yellow labs and peacocks, its a pretty peaceful tank. I may still have fish that African enthusiasts might consider non-compatible, but so far so good. Its a learning process, similar to when I mixed a pack of mean Central American cichlids. Some of that didnt go well either, but thanks to some good helpful OFL folks, I got that straightened out before a massive slaughter took place. Still have most of them, alone in their own tanks and doing very well. To sum it all up.. DO THE RESEARCH. If you cant find what you want, ask here, someone knows.

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bassetman replied the topic: Can anyone identify this cichlid for me?

As many of our beloved fish are rare and endangered. Hybrids are the kiss of death to a species. Look at the situation with Victorian cichlids , proving a pure fish is nearly impossible and most of the wild fish are now extinct thanks to the Nile Perch.

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MetalHead88 replied the topic: Can anyone identify this cichlid for me?

yes, other mbuna would be what you want to put him with. dont put this guy with oscars or other american cichlids.

how big is the tank? that would determine how many. most africans are pretty damn aggressive so lots of caves and tankmates so a single fish cant be targeted. if theres anything else you'd like to throw at us about your setup we could give ya a bit more info.

its more then likely a hybrid, but thats not necessarily a bad thing.

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