Dominance with peacock cichlids?

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tjwalley created the topic: Dominance with peacock cichlids?

I picked up 2 (i'm guessing both are male) sunshine peacocks today and the other male peacock that I've had for awhile now isn't happy about his new tank mates. So far it's just been a lot of chasing...nothing violent yet. My question is once the sunshine peacocks submit will the other back off or should I remove the dominant male? This is my first go-round with a community african cich. tank and for the last 6 months everything has been calm...up until today when i added the sunshines.

It may be worth mentioning that the dominant male and one of the sunshines looked like they paired off about 10 minutes after i released them. they went under the driftwood overhang and swam in circles, like they were chasing each others' tail in slow motion, and they were twitching like my Dempsies used to do when they bred. so maybe they both arent males afterall?

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OFL replied the topic: Dominance with peacock cichlids?

I think they are classed as semi-aggressive so it's probably just a case of waiting to see how they get on properly before you make any rash decisions and take one out. I think it will probably become quite evident if there is going to be an ongoing problem. That's what I've always done with my fish, I don't like taking one out at the first sign of problems because sometimes it may be premature as things could calm down.

As for the sex, if they are both exactly the same then you probably do have same-sex, however, if one is bigger and more colourful than you probably have a male and a female.

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