biopolar oscar?

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auburnaquarist created the topic: biopolar oscar?

One of the three oscars at my school aquarium started acting oddly almost two weeks ago. He will sit on the bottom of the tank and won't move. He still can swim, because he will come up to eat food, being a little piggy. Some days he is better than others and some days he is worse; for example today, my fellow aquarists said he looked fine and was swimming around earlier, and when I left a few hours ago, he was on the bottom listing over as if he were dying.
The water chemistry in the 55 gallon we keep him is a little off; we have been doing water changes on it every few days. I did a 30% today b/c the pH was 7.8 and the nitrites/nitrates were a little high. However, even when the water chemistry was good, he still acted weird.
The person who donated him to my teacher about 4-5 years ago kept him in a small tank, so he is stunted but I don't know if this is significant. His fellow tank mates, a small Jack Dempsey cichlid, a plecostoma, and a small bumblebee catfish, all seem fine, and no one is bothering anyone else. Any ideas?

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askhammatt replied the topic: Re: biopolar oscar?

thats alot of fish for a 55! assuming as its a school aquatics area you water change every couple of days?

i owuld point my finger at the stock density or the water params, however since u say even when the water if fine he does it i would say he may just be sulking.. oscars are well known for their sulks.. they will often sit on the bottom of the tank and will list to one side and often will go a paler colour too... keep and eye on water params and he should be fine with very regular water changes


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