Power Outages

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Savantskie replied the topic: Power Outages

I actually have something that could be added to this. If not a generator, you can use an uninterrupted power supply. The kinds they use for computer servers, or computers. I have four that I use for my four tanks.

These things are made to keep a computer, or server running for a while to either shut down safely, or keep running on very low power. Most aquariums that are using HOBs or Canister Filters only draw at max 20 watts all told minus the heaters. If you cut out the heaters, these things could run for a few hours on one of these.

My last power outage that was 4 hours, I didn't even drop half way past the battery charge. If you wanna use it to just power an air pump, that should last even LONGER.

Just my two cents.

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Noddy replied the topic: Power Outages

had a poweroutage and it allways happens when i am gone...(just like with leaking tanks).
So glad Dimmy shares my hobby.
i am notsure about how to get those uninterrupted thingies, but i want a generator, be it we only have poweroutages very seldom.

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