First time treating ich

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Klaramore created the topic: First time treating ich

Hello everyone,
First time poster, long time reader. I woke up this morning to white spots on my Oscar, was hoping for small air bubbles on him but after a day of observation I'm now sure it is Ich. The tank consists of my one O, 3 silver dollars, and a bristle nose. Tank parameters are within spec and for general knowledge my O and his tank mates are in a 90g tank. I think I've decided on the salt plus temp. raise treatment over store bought snake oil. I have a few questions that the information I've read hasn't quite explicitly explained.
1.) General consensus on this treatment.
2.) When adding the 1 tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons, what is to be done about regular water changes? I've read some that says do nothing, but I tend to side more with those that say continue regular water changes and heavy gravel vacuuming.
3.) If I am to continue my regular water change schedule how much salt do I add back into tank after each water change assuming a 50% change is done once a week?
If I've missed some form of sticky or often discussed post I do apologize, just trying to get a handle on this before more harm is done to my O than has already been done. Thank you so much in advance.

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Lammergeier replied the topic: First time treating ich

1: Salt water + heat seems to be the preferred treatment for ich on OFL, although I haven't had the need to use it personally. The temp needs to be raised to 30C (86F) as an fyi but only do so by a degree or two per hour. Then when the treatment is over decrease back to normal by the same increment.
2: Continue with regular water changes, but add the same amount of salt to the new water as the water you have taken out. For example, if you are doing a 50% w/c on a 90 gal tank you will be taking out 45 gal of water. If you have 1 tb of salt per 5 gallons in that tank you will be removing 9 tb of salt. If filling with 5 gal buckets you could dissolve 1tb of salt per bucket of water and just go by bucket, but if filling using the tap you would add 9 tb of salt at regular intervals to the 45 gal of new water you are adding, making the overall concentration of salt in the tank remain at 1tb / 5 gal. Hopefully that makes sense.

When the treatment is finished you can slowly decrease the concentration of salt by doing several small (5 gal) w/cs over the course of the day where you add some fresh water each time, but (I'm not 100% on this) I think you need to lower the concentration of salt back to 0 slowly - over the course of at least a couple of days. here is an article that may help.

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UNC-CH replied the topic: First time treating ich

When I had my oscar for only a couple months, I treated him with 'ick cure' twice and it came back worse. Salt and higher temperature did the job. Here's the picture. Yours probably isn't as bad but at least you can make sure it's ick.

The instructions Lamm gave were spot on. The only difference in the way I treated my oscar was that I continued the salt and temperature for about 10 days after the ick had fallen off my oscar to be sure it wouldn't come back. Afterwards, decrease the temp and salt level gradually.

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jmunroe replied the topic: First time treating ich

Welcome to OFL. Yes continue the treatment for 10 days after the last sign of it is gone, this will give all the ick not attached to a host (fish) time to go through its life cycle and be killed off. Carry out gravel vacs frequently to get the cysts out of the substrate as this is one stages of their life cycle. Where do you think the ich came from? Any recent additions to the tank? How big and old is the Oscar? What exactly are your water parameters and are you using a liquid test kit? I would do1 larger or 2 of those smaller 50% water changes a week on your tank. it will make a big difference.

Go do a water change - the solution to pollution is dilution.

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Rocksor replied the topic: First time treating ich

I found that 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons is not enough. I would increase it to 3 tablespoon per 5 gallons, added over a period of 48 hours. The salt must be maintained for at least 10 days after you no longer see thei ich on any fish. You still have to do water changes and gravel vacuuming. I would only feed the fish twice per week during treatment to reducetheamont of waste produced.

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Debow replied the topic: Re:First time treating ich

So I had bought a pleco and later found he had ich (wasn't seen at the store). I returned him to the store but treated my tank for ich anyway. I put in 1 TBSP per 5 gal everyday for 3 days without doing WC. Than when I would do a WC of 30% (I just have feeder fish in this tank to get the cycle set) I would replace the salt. Ie: by day 4 there is a total of 3 tbsp per 5 gal (that's 33 tbsp per 55 gal). After a 30% water change I add 10 tbsp back into tank (that's 30% of the 33 tbsp per 55 gal). I also have my temp at 86 degrees.

So far (and it's been over 2 weeks) none of the feeder fish have come down with ich :)

Kytha Debow: jamberry and fish lover

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