Ich on pleco

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UNC-CH replied the topic: Ich on pleco

I would treat the tank just the same for the full time period. Without a fish in the tank the ick will eventually die because it will not have a host, but I don't know how long it can stay dormant. High temp speeds up the ick life-cycle and will clear the tank for the oscars. The higher the temp the shorter the treatment period need be, but I would plan on 14 days to make sure it's gone.

After doing some research, it seems my first instructions were best. With or without the pleco in the tank, I would follow these instructions:

Before you begin slowly increase heat to at least 85 degrees, but not higher than 88. Make sure there is plenty of aeration because warm water holds less oxygen and also speeds up fish metabolism. Therefore, fish need more oxygen from the water at high temps. Also, do a large water change (I prefer 50%-75%), which will improve water quality and suck up many free swimming ich organisms. Good water quality definitely speeds up the recovery process.

Day 1: dissolve 1T (tablespoon) of salt per 5 gallons of tank water in a cup. Pour water from cup into tank.

Day 2: repeat day one

Day 3: repeat day one, so there is now 3T (tablespoons) of salt per 5 gallons

Day 4+: add no more salt. Leave the salt in and replace it when performing water changes. Wait 10 days after the last spot is gone and begin reducing salt level by doing daily water changes of 30%. Gradually reduce the temperature back to normal.

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