Oscar strange behavior

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chargersfan1891 created the topic: Oscar strange behavior

Ok so my O is starting to act alittle different now. ever since i did a WC this week and i moved its tank mate. He just sits on the bottom by himself now he swims around also but he just likes that bottom more now, he did just get over a sickness but that has been treated now for over a week now. It may be because im starting to change up his diet. Im starting to feed him other things then just pellets, I gave him shrimp which he loved, crickets, which he also loves, and i moved to Hikari gold pellets instead of Omega super color cichlid pellets which i have fed him for over a year. i also never really fed him other things but pellets since i had him. But ive noticed that he's not growing like everyone else's is and his color isnt still there i really just wanna help him get big and healthy and colorful thank you!

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Poseidon2.0 replied the topic: Oscar strange behavior

Can you refresh our memory with your tank size, filtration, and other details of you setup? Pellets are a good thing to feed your oscar as long as it is not too much. Regular large water changes are good for oscars. What was the sickness and how is it being treated?

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