Oscar troubled since move

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nturchyn created the topic: Oscar troubled since move

hello I currently have a 12 inch 5 year old Oscar living alone in a 90 gallon tank. I have two canister filters 50 percent water changes are done Every two weeks. I moved houses a week ago and professional fish store employees handled the move well. 30 gallons of tank water was taken a short distance in the move and it was executed in under 90 mins. The installation of heaters though by day 4 had the tank temp up to 89 degrees. I turned off and over the next day it came down and currently is at 81.5. Since this spike the Oscar has been focusing on the bubbler in the tank and rarely moving except in spastic movements. Heavy breathing accompanied the temp spike and has reduced somewhat but still slightly elevated. 36 hours ago I did a 25 percent water change (Thinking some sort of poisoning during a mini cycle) and he improved slightly. I also added Epsom salts before and after the water change. Just two hours ago though he did not eat many sticks for dinner and latest water conditions we ph of 6.8', ammonia between .25 and .50 pm nitrites near zero and nitrates around 5 ppm... I know there is a mini cycle going on and obviously the dumb temperature spike did not help. The only other thing I would add is there is s very very slight bulge on the upper middle left of the oscars body, and seems a little exacerbated by the oscars movements. Is this something to this other than a tough mini cycle??????

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OFL replied the topic: Oscar troubled since move

It sounds like it may be stress due to the move. I wouldn't expect an Oscar to be breathing that heavily with ammonia levels that low, especially as your pH is below neutral. In fact, if indeed your pH is that low, even if the ammonia was 4, the Oscar probably wouldn't show any signs of ill-health because the ammonia would be the non-toxic form of ammonia of the low pH.

If the Oscar is still eating then I honestly don't think there's too much to worry about. I would probably just carry on as you are. Double check the pH, if it's neutral and below then you have absolutely nothing to worry about regarding any sign of ammonia. Couple of years ago I had a problem occur with some thought, something got blocked and my ammonia shot up to 5.0. However, the Oscars or any of the other fish showed no signs of ill-health because my pH was 6.0. You may be wise to lower the temperature of the water until your ammonia is absolutely zero, the higher the temperature, the more toxic the ammonia, but still, the fact that your pH is low should be okay.

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Rocksor replied the topic: Oscar troubled since move

You have to keep the nitrites and ammonia no higher than 0.25ppm. I would do enough water changes to bring it down. The low ph will not keep the toxicity of the nitrites low.

The slight bulge maybe the result of a bacterial infection that took hold as a result of stress caused by the sudden increase in temperature, which lead to lower oxygen level in the tank. I would see if you can find Seachem Kanaplex and methylene blue in your local area. Take the fish out and put in a bath dosed at 1 teaspoon of salte per gallon and methlyne blue at a rate of 1 ml per gallon for 30 minutes. Use your tank water. The methylene blue will help to facilitate oxygen into the fish. Also add non-iodized salt at a rate of 1 tablespoon per gallon to the main tank to help with osmotic regulation.

I would maintain the salt level in the main tank until you get a fully cycled tank. It will help prevent nitrite poisoning.

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Oscar troubled since move

Hello and welcome to OFL. You have a large Oscar in a tank that is not really big by adult Oscar standards. A twice monthly water change is quite insufficient as regular maintenance. You should up that to at least once a week of 75% or more volume.

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