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Vinny created the topic: Algae

So is algae in the tank healthy? I mean I now it's not horrible and is always around I get that. Reason I have this question is cause the first time in a long time I have a sh*t load of it. All of my wood has the algae growing like hair and by the end of the week it's starting on the substrate. I don't mind it on the wood and clean the glass n so forth when see necessary. My question really is I guess is algae a sign of a healthy tank or a tank with issues? Is the lack or algae the sign of something not right? Should I make adjustment to cut the algae down does it affect water quality?

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OFL replied the topic: Algae

algae isn't really an indication of a healthy tank, rather more of a tank that needs some attention because of one or two factors that are causing reality to grow.

Algae could actually sap the oxygen out of the tank which can cause problems. Algae is often caused by too much light entering the aquarium, whether that be sunlight or aquarium lights being left on for too long.

You will never be able to eliminate algae altogether, it's part of the aquatic system. However, it's best to do your best to keep it at the minimum. A lot of algae feed on nitrate so regular water changes to keep nitrates as a minimum is a good way of controlling algae. Keeping your tank out of direct sunlight is a good idea because direct sunlight will encourage algae to grow very quickly. Aquarium lighting can also encourage algae to grow. In the tropics, you can get 12 hours of sunlight so this is nothing wrong with leaving your lights on for this long, however just be aware that algae may grow quicker if you do this.

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DRACO replied the topic: Algae

when keeping a ranchu... some people love to make a wall carpet algae for their fish...
it makes their fish healthy with vibrant color... the practice make me believe algae is not
bad at all time..

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Algae

I dont think algae is bad per say, but a sudden outbreak, or consistently more than you are used to indicates a change in your water. With greater amounts of nutrient spawning more algae, you may have elevated tds levels.

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sonuolover replied the topic: Algae

Where nitrates & light meets suitable temperature, algae always find the way to grow...
it absorbs extra nitrate so some people think its good but on the other side it absorbs oxygen too..

our tanks always has oxygen supply so there is no need to worry abt oxygen, but algae makes the water quality very poor & it can also choke our filters so I think its better to remove it asap....

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