Ulcer? HITH? something else?

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aewzct created the topic: Ulcer? HITH? something else?

I have 2 large Oscars in a 150 gallon established tank. No other fish (including pleco). About a month ago one fish developed a small white indented area near his eye. I assumed it was an injury from his jumping and carrying on. We watched him, he was behaving normally, water was clean. We noticed it wasn't healing. Did some research and decided it seemed like an ulcer. Treated with Melaflix for 2 weeks with no improvement. It was still slowly expanding. Suspected HITH, although only one fish is affected, and just the one spot on him. Raised water temp, began aggressive water changing regimen, ordered more test strips. Area has continued to deepen and spread, although fish seems unaffected and is still swimming/eating normally.

Current parameters:

Nitrate: 20
Nitrite: 0
Ammonia: "good" (as per fish store, no numeric level given)
Chlorine: 0 (maybe .5, very hard to see a difference)
Alkalinity: 0 (suspecting this may be a factor, but can't find anything on alkalinity in aquariums)
pH: 6.6

To better describe the area, it is a white indented patch that now extends from his nostril to his eye and partly surrounds his eye. It is maybe 1-2mm deep. Probably about 8mm in diameter. Again, no other areas on his body, behavior unchanged, no other fish unaffected. What else can I do? Considering removing carbon from the filter? Do I need to adjust alkalinity?

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Ulcer? HITH? something else?

We really need to see a pic of the fish. It does sound like hith. Carbon should not be in the filter at any time. Melafix is not even a real med, its mild to the point of being useless. As for your water changes, what was the normal sched up to the point of going aggressive, and what do you consider aggressive? Test strips are inaccurate. To get true water parameter readings, the API liquid test kit is most trusted.

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