Could my Oscar have laid eggs?

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Kama created the topic: Could my Oscar have laid eggs?

I recently moved my Oscar to a new, larger tank. The following morning I found small, tan colored orbs scattered on the gravel. I did some research but it left me wondering even more. Were they eggs or just oddly shaped poops?

Here are some conditions and questions to help determine what it was:
- my Oscar is almost a foot long. So is she mature enough to lay eggs?
- I read that some oscars lay after water changes and I had just moved her. Could that trigger it?
- she hasn't been eating as much lately. Is that normal for a female before she lays?
- the orbs were smaller than a pea and had a sort of mucus around them. Are Oscar eggs like that?

Sorry for so many questions but this is my first Oscar. The only fish I ever had lay eggs was my mom's angel fish, and I actually saw her lay them that time.

Thanks for your help. :)

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face mcshooty replied the topic: Could my Oscar have laid eggs?

(1) at a foot long she could of lay eggs

(2)a change it temperature water chemistry or even just decorations can trigger it

(3) my oscar us to stop eating a day or so before lay eggs but its allso possible she isn't use to the new tank yet

(3) small white/beige orbs sound like aggs to me and the slime is probably just bacteria growing on them

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