Lighting/Feeding Questions

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danperagine created the topic: Lighting/Feeding Questions

So I know I am over-posting on every concern I have for my Oscars, however I want to ensure the BEST conditions for my lil guy as I can.

As far as lighting. I wake up every morning at 630am and am out the door by 730, sometimes returning home at 430pm and sometimes not returning until 830pm. Should I, if at all turn my aquarium light on during this time, or turn it on when I get home,maybe giving him natural sunlight by opening all the blinds in the room and leaving the room light on, or should I leave it on from 7am to about 10pm which is like my full day worth of me being awake? What kind of schedule should I get on?

As for feeding I feed him and his Green Barb friends at around 7am, 430pm, and lastly at 10pm for about 2.5 minutes as much as they can eat/are interested during this time sprinkling a few pellets at a time. Is this a fine schedule? and how do I line this up with the lighting situation? do they need light to eat or what?

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OFL replied the topic: Lighting/Feeding Questions

If it's nice and light in your room then there's no need for any lighting. Lighting isn't really for the benefit of the fish, it's for the owner to be able to see them at night. You'll find that it's fairly dimly lit in many other places that the Oscar lives, especially when the rainforest is flooded. What you could do is get yourself a timer so that you can set the lights to come on whenever you want. I used to have a timer that would switch the lights on, and then off a few hours later. Remember that lighting is fairly expensive, so maybe just put them on in the evening when you are home.

A lot of people tend to get paranoid about feeding. Just read your fish as much as they can eat in about three minutes, then now gets all they need. Once the fish start getting bigger then you can resume feeding. Adult Oscar is the really to be fed more than twice a day, although most people will feed them once a day once they reach full adult size.

It's best to feed fish that are about in the daytime when it's light. Fish that use their eyesight will probably have a hard time feeding if it's pitch black. If you have catfish then put the food in about half an hour after the lights have been turned off. This way you will stop any of the other fish from stealing the food.

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Lamatz replied the topic: Lighting/Feeding Questions

Feeding 3 times a day when they are small is just fine, some people do 4 times.. But i also think 2 times is enough, your water will be so nasty at the end of the week if u do 4 times. And yeah, Oscars do not care about the light.. the regular daylight is just fine. as long as its not pitch black all the time. I dont turn my lights on when im off to work. :)


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DRACO replied the topic: Lighting/Feeding Questions

i always practice feeding all my fish once a day regardless of their sizes...
in my oscar community tank... the small one always adapt with the big ones...

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