Cichlid Gold medium pellets

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LePurge created the topic: Cichlid Gold medium pellets

Hey, ive had today 2 Oscar babys about 1.5inches long and my last Oscar died of high nitrates in the water which came from uneaten food which I was unaware of until told by the petshop, now my mind is constantly ticking because the baby Oscars are sulking because of being in a new aquarium, I was wondering how long do I leave the food in there floating around for before I should take it out? also how many medium cichlid pellets should I feed 2 Oscars each feeding! thanks

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Cichlid Gold medium pellets

Hello and welcome to OFL. First, inch and a half Oscars shouldnt be eating medium pellets. I have foot long O's that eat those. Baby or mini pellets are for, obviously, baby fish. At that size you could even offer some quality flake food. A little fyi re your last Oscar. Yes, uneaten food left in tank will cause a decline in water quality, but long term exposure to high nitrate is an indication that you did not have an adequate water change schedule. To help you avoid another downturn, please indicate what size tank you have these 2 Oscars in, what is the filtration and is this tank fully cycled? You will get sound advice and factual info here. Petshop... unlikely.

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