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Volkmania created the topic: Dubia Roaches

I've been searching around and I have found articles about feeding insects to Oscars. Dubia roaches have seven times the nutritional value than other feeder insects.
So, my wife and I have started a Dubia Roach colony to feed our three Leopard Geckos but from what I hear, roach colonies will grow much faster than what your Geckos will consume.
If it is in agreement that Oscars are okay with insects, would it be fine to feed him Dubia Roaches that we have left over? The Dubia roaches are typically parasite free, raised in a clean environment and the meat to shell ratio is so little which is why we feed them to our Geckos. If it is a safe treat (I'm talking like once every two week rare treat), what sizes would be okay? No larger than it's width?

If not, we will find other alternative solutions to our growing colony. Just a curiosity that I wanted other opinions/sources on.


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