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pepetj replied the topic: What kind of bichir is this?

This vid was taken by a friend in 2011 when they were at my office. The male was slowing down its initial growth rate but the females were still in it. At the end of the vid you can see the male cruising. Note the anal fins of the females are pointed while the male has a paddle like form, just like the opposite of viviparous fish (e.g. platys). The reason for this adaptive change in otherwise egg scattering fish is that the male collects his sperm in this paddle like formed fin and spread it over the eggs the females lay down at substrate level.

That tank is now at home housing a small shoal of Violet Dragon Fish in a low end planted brackish set up. I will post some pics of the actual tank my endlis are in likely this weekend.

Santo Domingo

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benmcfadden replied the topic: Re:What kind of bichir is this?

Very nice dude

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Haku, I knew your were good.

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pixelettesea replied the topic: What kind of bichir is this?

Hi, Hello guys, Here's some pictures of my bichirs. sorry for the bad quality. I'm using phone.

The biggest one is the same one on the first post. If you noticed, in the first post, I have 2 endlicheri, the other one doesn't make it. It died after 3 month, probably because I forgot to scoop out leftover fillet.

This is when he's not using his light eyes power

this guy length is about 12". This is when he's using light eyes power

They all have light eyes power.

Hangin with his tankmates, 1 albino bichir & 1 senegal bichir. I bought them as babies. like really small, with gills and stuff.
As you can see from the picture, my endlicheri have chapped lips. Probably because small tank :(

When theyre not using light eyes power

When they using light eyes power(but still having hard time eating pallets right in front of him :( )

Additional Info
Tank : 4 x 2 ft - 50 gal
Filter: cannister filter by tetra expumpers
Food: Hikary sinking pallet, small and medium size

What I learn from raising them dragons:
I once tried putting oscar with them, there's no roughousing only casual pushing from oscar. But the problem I encountered is during feeding time. they both are pigs, but bichirs are super blind and oscars are super not blind, they ate all bichirs food. So I have no more Idea but to return the oscar to my other tank. and I will never train them to be hand fed. my oscar jump a lot as soon as I raise my hand near him.

I like it when they yawn.

They dorsal fin are really sharp, there once my endlicheri jump from the tank and walk on the floor like he's not a fish and I try to pick him up like holding an iguana and got 5 cuts lol lmao..

They are active during dawn and rice, middle of the day and middle of the night.

They colour depends on their surroundings. darker gravel looks really good on endlicheri tank.

I have to remove the gravel because afraid they might hurt their anus when pooping.

My albino bichir sometimes eat poop, don't know why.

They are more active when the water is cloudy, if the tank clean they will just stay still(but i prefer clean tank of course)

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