aggression issues

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AZ Steve created the topic: aggression issues

Looking for some advice from someone who's had multiple bichirs. I have a albino Senegal(Luna) and a Delhezi(Zephyer). I got Luna first then Zephyer. They are both around 4 inches.Luna is older and much thicker but Zephyer is catching up lol. When I first got Zephyer he hid alot and feeding was kinda easy(drop a few pellets on the opposite side where Zephyer was hiding) luna would go there and then I'd drop a few near Zephyer. Well now he is not hiding so it's a free for all lol. I've noticed Zephyer is missing part of one of his external gills. Don't know if Luna nipped it off. But they kinda go at it if they run into each other while eating..I guess my question is when should I worry. obviously if they really hurt each other than I gotta do something. But can I prevent further aggression during feeding

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OscarFishLover46 replied the topic: aggression issues

Well I can "sorta" relate to your issues because I have had a senegal bichir and a delhezi in the same tank and feeding was hard because they each would fight over food but as they got older and got used to one another I saw less fighting from them, as for the bruise it could be from the other bichir and if so you should monitor them and see how they communicate with each other and if it's a negative vibe for the sake of their health you may have to split them up.
I haven't got that kind of action from 2 senegals, but from a senegal and a delhezi
Also I don't know how well it would work but to stop all the aggression during feeding maybe feed them once or twice more a day so they won't take feeding time as survival of the fittest

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