Bala Shark

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JBare created the topic: Bala Shark

Does anyone know how fast they grow? I told my husband he could go ahead and get his bala shark tank going IF we were able to start them in a smaller tank and upgrade them as they go. Since I'm not sure about bio load and such for them I'm going to do some reading today, but wanted to ask you guys as well. I know they get big, and he had the room for as large tank in our garage, but I'm hoping they can be upgraded.

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Poseidon2.0 replied the topic: Bala Shark

I think they are like Tinfoil Barbs and their cousins the goldfish, which means fast and furious.

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benmcfadden replied the topic: Re:Bala Shark

In my experience they grow pretty slow but can get very big. My friend had one that was 6-7" but it was a few years old

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toom replied the topic: Bala Shark

Unlike many bigger cichlids bala sharks are bad aquarium fish, if they have enough place to swim they grow not that slow. At my old work Zoo Zajac "biggest pet store and LFS in the world" we just had put them in the larger show tanks that was at least 10 feet wide. If they can they behave like trouts.

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