Not again!

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robham7770 replied the topic: Not again!

Suprd71 wrote: Ouch! Poor little lady, one of my favorite fish, hope she recovers. Not to be critical by any means Rob, but whats with all the gunk on your filter intake? Looks like algae or moss?

This tank is algae nirvana, it is in front of a window and gets too much sunlight. I fought it for a while, but eventually decided that until the fry were out of the tank it was probably better just to leave it. The tank is a 75 gal and has two marineland 200's and 2x hydro sponge filters (one pro iv, and a pro v). I have not had any issue maintaining nitrate levels. I would have to say it definitely leaves a lot to be desired cosmetically. I would love to drop my rhino in there for a couple of days, but am not sure that would work with the little fry, and I am afraid that he would explode!

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