What to do with 4 RDs?

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Lammergeier created the topic: What to do with 4 RDs?

Oh dear. Ok, so it's official. I've done the number one not recommended thing when working with live animals in science, and I've become attached to animals I've used in an experiment. Whoopsy.

I was given 4 red devils (could be hybrids) to use as a predator model in my guppy behaviour experiments. As a condition of my getting these red devils, it was my responsibility to find homes for all four of them when the experiment was done. One of them (Daisy) has already wormed her way into living at home with me, and now... well, you see where this is heading.

I did TRY and arrange homes for them, but 2 people I had lined up to take one each backed out, leaving me with the option of taking them to a LFS, culling them, or bringing them here. The one LFS that was willing to take them isn't interested anymore because they got in a lot of flowerhorns (and were iffy about taking even 1 anyway), and I've had to cull healthy fish before and it was not a fun experience, so I've decided that since we have a spare room, I'm going to bring them home. I've named 2/3 of them so the damage is done.

Like I said - whoopsies.

My question is where I should put them. There's a few options:
1: Put 2 in the 6 x 2 that needs resealing with a divider and put the smallest (it's around 4.5 inches) one in my 55 gal (or get another tank that's the size of Daisy's - a 4 x 2). This is the cheap option but I think there won't be enough swimming space with the divider, and the 55 gal will be too small.
2: Put Daisy in the 6 x 2 on her own, put another one in her tank (4 x 2), and put the other 2 in.. other tanks. Maybe one in my 55 gal, or get 2 tanks on gumtree. I don't know.
3: Go insane, pull apart my 55 gal and use the front, back and side glass as the front of 3 4+ ft x 2+ ft plywood tanks. Because crazy.
4: Some combo of the above?

We're starting to do up the house to sell and move (before you ask, taking fish with us because crazy) so we're going to move all the fishies into the spare room once that room's done, so we can do the rest of the house up without disturbing the fish. There's enough room for 2 6 x 2s and 2 4 x 2s (the 4x 2s on a rack), or 1 6x2 and 4 4x2s (2 racks) in there.


Edit: Oh, I thought I should mention this is still a couple of months away, so lots of time to plan and throw money at fish again.

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