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Lammergeier replied the topic: Unbelieveable

This is just ridiculous: time.com/3517197/ebola-frieden-travel-ban/

Some highlights:
“Right now we know who’s coming in,” Frieden said at the hearing. “If we try to eliminate travel… we won’t be able to check them for fever when they leave, we won’t be able to check them for fever when they arrive, we won’t be able—as we do currently—to see a detailed history to see if they’ve been exposed.” because apparently they can't screen people and put in a ban together...

Oh, and this: “If we do things that unintentionally make it harder to get that response in, to get supplies in, that make it harder for those governments to manage, to get everything from economic activity to travel going, it’s going to become much harder to stop the outbreak at the source,” Frieden said this week. "

I could be wrong, but I'm about 99% sure that the time to say that they can stop the outbreak at the source has well and truly gone, with more than 9000 infected now and half of them dead.

The latest news that has me flabbergasted is this: edition.cnn.com/2014/10/17/health/us-ebola/ another nurse that treated Duncan is showing symptoms of ebola, but the genius thought it a great idea to go on a cruise before the 21 day period was over. The kicker? BELIZE, of all places, is refusing to have anyone infected with ebola into their country. They turned down the US request to have this nurse shipped back to the US via Belize's international airport.

As someone with a scientific background the way this ebola epidemic is being handled is making my head hurt.

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Craigsfish replied the topic: Unbelieveable

"What happened to common sense? In the 18th and 19th centuries, lazarettos were established outside large cities to quarantine immigrants to halt the spread of disease. Even though people at the time did not know about bacteria, viruses and how disease was spread, they did have the common sense and foresight to quarantine strangers and immigrants for a period of time to make sure they were not infected with diseases. "

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daddadoo7 replied the topic: Re:Unbelieveable

It didnt help that when the outbreak first started Obama thought it was a great idea to hold a pres conf and stat that we are fully prepared to combat this disease... wouldnt that wanna make someone board a plane and come here for treatment? (Mr. Duncan)
Plain and simple our boarders are a joke anyone can fly, swim, or walk right in without being inoculated. Aside from spreading disease terrorists can walk right in as well

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