Treatment for Bacterial Infected Wounds in Fish

Occasionally fish will inexplicably develop open sores on their body. Oscars, in particular, will often develop shallow pitting around the head region, especially the gill plate, this is quite a common area for this to happen. It's possible that a very small legion becomes infected which then makes the wound worse. You may find that even when increased tank maintenance is carried out the wound doesn't improve and continues to get worse. These wounds are often referred to as "bacterial pitting". Once a bacterial infection has set in, medication is the only way you can help clear up the wound. There are various medications available that are designed to treat various ailments such as bacterial infections. Two that are designed to treat various conditions including bacterial infections include Maracyn 2 and Myxazin. Sometimes wounds develop and no matter what you do to try and treat the condition, the wounds will just not heal. I'm afraid I'm not even going to pretend I know why this is the case. What I will say is it's probably an infection that requires a specific antibiotic. The best advice I can give you if you find that your fish has developed an open sore that you have had no luck in healing is to contact your vet. He may be able to organise a skin smear test which will involve examining a sample of the infected area under a microscope. This can be done, however, it probably will cost you quite a lot of money.


Kryston Klin-ik

One of my red Oscars very recently developed two very nasty legions on either side of its head. The legion on the left side was probably about the size of a 10p coin, the other side was a little bit smaller but deeper. Even though my water conditions are extremely good and I carry out water changes once a week, the condition continued to get worse. I tried introducing vitamins into the water and also the Oscars food that this made no difference at all. In fact, the condition of the fish was getting so bad I was contemplating euthanasia. I then remembered that I had an anti-septic/antibiotic carp treatment called Klin-ik in my tackle box. I thought "why not give it a go, I've got nothing to lose". So we got the Oscar out of the tank and treated the wounds with the Kryston Klin-nik antibiotic solution. Within one week the condition had improved remarkably. One month later the wounds have almost healed, it's quite remarkable. It really is too much of a coincidence to say that this treatment has nothing to do with the fishes recovery, the wounds were almost definitely infected with some kind of bacteria, using this treatment has brought the fish back to almost perfect condition again.

Product description

Kry-KL1The Original Carp Care Antiseptic. Totally safe approved laboratory formulated antiseptic for carp and all course fish. Gives your catch a flying start to recovery. One-shot treatment following hook removal will sterilize the immediate area of the hook-hold preventing secondary infection from setting in. Application of Klin-ik guarantees to speed up the natural healing process. Active bactericides help to heal all open wounds, mouth damage, post-spawning lesions and where recent scale loss is evident. Klin-ik is guaranteed to contain Anti-Bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-Viral and powerful Anti-Paraciticide solutions. Each bottle contains enough solution to treat well over 300 fish. Essential for today’s caring angler. Used by tens of thousands of anglers, commercial fisheries and Koi centres.

I'm not going to list every outlet in the UK that sells Klin-ik, however the link below will take you to a website that I have used quite a few times before, I can vouch for them and say that they have given me very good customer service the few times I have used them.