Seneye Computerised Aquarium Monitoring

SeneyeOwning an aquarium is not just about sitting in front of your tank watching your fish. Keeping fish healthy means dedicating time and effort into maintaining a healthy aquarium. We have always advocated water testing in order to predict problems that might occur. Illness and death within your fish community is normally related to poor water quality. Unless you are an avid water tester, most people have to figure out what went wrong after all the fish have died. There may be light at the end of the tunnel now the computer age has really taken hold.

A company has developed a system that monitors the water parameters in your aquarium. Using computer software, it will alert you via e-mail or text if it detects problems within the aquarium. The is a physical element made up of an optical (eye) and a sensor (sen). This sensor is located in the aquarium where it connects via USB to your PC which in turn powers the unit. The unit needs to be running continuously in order for you to keep a check on the water. However, if it does get disconnected it will continue to store measurements internally which are then passed on to the computer when next switched on.

Seneye produce three versions, the home model, the pond model and the reef model. If you keep Oscars then you will want the home model. All of the models test for ammonia, temperature, water level, pH and lighting. If Seneye detects a problem then you will receive a text or an e-mail. 

The downside of this unit is if you don't understand computers then you will probably be none the wiser when it comes to inspecting the readouts from the software, not to mention the initial setting up of the software on your PC. Oh yeah, the software that runs this unit only works on PCs, Mac users will have to wait and hope that they will be accommodated in the near future.

From the perspective of somebody who uses a computer on a daily basis, I can definitely see how this unit can help you spot potential problems before serious damage is caused.. However, what you've got to take into account is what happens if you get a text warning when on holiday, or if you are busy at work? I have had fish for many years now and I've always managed with weekly testing of the water using traditional methods. 

Having used items of equipment such as thermostats, internal heaters etc I know how much Oscars love to investigate and often destroy anything that they can detach from inside the tank. Obviously this is something that we must take into account.

If you're in the UK then you can get this unit from Charterhouse Aquatics