Rescue & Adoption

For whatever reason, you may end up with a fish that you just cannot cope with anymore. In a lot of circumstances, people have purchased fish without really knowing anything about them. A couple of years down the line, that 3 inch fish that they brought home and put in their 30 gallon tank is now over a foot long. They have probably been on various forums and had been told they need a huge tank. In many cases upgrading to these large tanks is simply not an option so for the sake of the fishes health, they need to find a home that is a little more suitable for the fish. Unfortunately, a lot of fish shops simply won't take large fish of people. They have a very high turnover rate, don't have particularly big tanks so shy away from large fish.

You could advertise and hope someone wants to take the fish on. If you have gone down every route to try and find a new home and have come to a dead end,  it can be extremely difficult to know what to do. Now we have the Internet we are able to reach a lot more people. We have included a classified ad section on this site whereas you can advertise your fish for rescue. If somebody comes across it and is able to help, they can use the information you have provided to take the fish off your hands and give it a suitable home.