The simple answer to this question is yes, of course, you can put plants in your Oscar tank, however, don't be surprised if the Oscars uproot them, or even just completely rip them to pieces. For some reason Oscars seem to take a dislike to plants and nearly every person who keeps these fish will tell you that they are not successful in keeping the two together.

The Amazon Sword is probably the most successful plant I have ever managed to put in with my Oscars. They are native to the Amazon River so will look authentic if you want to set up an Amazon theme aquarium.They are a fairly hardy plant that will not die on you overnight. Even though the Oscar may be able to operate one of these plants, they can be rerooted fairly easily.

If you keep plants remember that you will have to look after them in much the same way as your garden plants. If you really want plants then you could try artificial aquarium plants. Some of these are quite realistic and obviously fairly tough. The Oscar will still uproot them and they will also need cleaning every now and then because they collect algae quite easily. I have tried keeping plants on various occasions but I gave up a few years ago because it just isn't worth the bother in my opinion