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The Oscar fish has become one of the best-loved freshwater tropical fish that people keep nowadays. A lot of people who buy Oscar fish really don't know how to look after them properly and inevitably encounter problems. Oscar Fish Lover was launched in 2006 with the primary goal of educating people on how to look after the Oscar fish properly in their home aquarium.

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We get lots and lots of people registering an account on our website but they never post anything on the forum. All these registrations take up space on our server which costs money. Therefore, I've taken action and I no longer allow people to register automatically. If you want to ask a question then please contact me in order for us to create an account for you. But please be aware, if you do not post your question within 24 hours on our forum your account will be removed permanently. I know this sounds harsh but the forum is there for people who are serious about fish keeping, not just for people who are bored and want to create an account for no reason and then never come back to the website.


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