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The Oscar fish has become one of the best loved freshwater tropical fish that people keep nowadays. Unfortunately a lot of people who buy Oscar fish really don't know how to look after them properly and inevitably encounter problems. Oscar Fish Lover was launched in 2006 with the primary goal of educating people on how to look after the Oscar fish properly in their home aquarium..

So, how can we help you?

We have created an extensive collection of helpful articles that will walk you through all the aspects of what is involved in keeping an Oscar fish in an aquarium at your home. Our articles include helpful and interesting information about where the Oscar fish comes from, how big it gets and how many different species of Oscars there are. We also talk about what sort of aquarium you need, the importance of providing enough space for one of these large cichlids. We provide you with detailed advice on what kind of filtration you will need in order to keep the water in pristine condition. Obviously Oscar fish have to be fed, our article on feeding Oscars will answer all your questions about what you should be feeding your Oscar on a daily basis. For those people who want to venture further and maybe start breeding Oscars, we have an excellent article detailing how it's possible to successfully breed Oscar fish in captivity.

Many of our articles address different aspects of fish keeping and will help newcomers to tropical fish keeping understand how they can maintain their aquarium properly. A lot of people assume that setting up an aquarium is just a case of filling the tank up with water and adding fish. This is a common mistake which often brings people to our website looking for advice on why things have gone terribly wrong in their newly setup fish tank. Check out our article on how to cycle a fish tank, this article alone will teach you everything you need to know about preparing a new fish tank before you actually add your fish. Alternatively for people who encounter cloudy water, we have a very popular article on why aquarium water turns cloudy and how to deal with it, this article alone has had thousands of hits and has helped people all around the world. All our articles have been written with simplicity in mind and are designed to educate people without confusing the hell out of you with complicated terms and jargon..

Get help on our community forum

If you would like to ask a question and get one-to-one advice then our community forum is the place to visit. Before you can ask a question you must first of all register an account. Membership of Oscar fish lover is completely free and it only takes a couple of minutes to create your personal account. We have nine years worth of questions and answers on our forum, you can use the search feature to look through hundreds of thousands of postings.

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