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Aquarium Setup

We will tell you exactly why Oscars need large aquariums. Filtration is extremely important so we will advise you on what type of filters you need

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Cycle an Aquarium

All aquariums have got to be prepared before you put your fish in them. The process is called cycling and we will explain the process of this procedure

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Feeding your Oscar

Feeding your Oscar on a healthy diet is one of the major factors to keeping it healthy. Check out our list of recommended healthy foods for your Oscar

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Photographing Tropical Fish

Taking pictures of fish in aquariums is not easy, there are
lots of factors to be taken into account:

1. Glass and water to shoot through
2. Fish that keep moving (!)
3. Light reflected off the glass
4.Delayed reaction of digital cameras

From my limited experience the best way is by using only the aquarium lights
and getting the front of the lens as close to the glass as possible; try to
focus the camera on the subject fish, and use as wide an aperture as you can
to eliminate dirt and such like on the front glass of the aquarium.

I saw mentioned in a photography magazine recently that the best way they
had found was to use an off camera flash gun resting on the plastic lid that
protects the aquarium lights from the water - no idea how well that would
work though. .

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