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How big should an Oscar Fish tank be?

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An adult Oscar requires an absolute minimum tank size of 55 UK gallons. Two Oscars will require a minimum of 125 UK gallons. You may well read information that contradicts what we say. Some websites suggest that 2 Oscars can be kept in a 75 gallon tank, or even 4 Oscars in a 120 gallon tank. Whereas it may be possible with increased tank maintenance to keep numerous Oscars in tanks of these sizes, we would recommend you stick to what we suggest. Some Oscars can get extremely big and you will have a very hard job maintaining good water quality if you attempt to pack lots of Oscars into an undersized aquarium. How to set up an Oscar Fish aquarium...

Aquarium Installation

Oscar fish aquarium installation

Learn the correct way to install an aquarium for your Oscar

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Tank Mates

tank mates for the Oscar fish cichlid

Lots of helpful advice on choosing fish that will be tank mates for your Oscar

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Keep Your Oscar Healthy

Keeping Oscar fish healthy

Advice on how to keep your fish healthy and free from disease

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Feeding Your Oscar

feeding your Oscar fish

Helpful advice on healthy foods for your Oscar.  Healthy food means healthy fish

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You Think Your Fish Is Ill

In the event that you think your fish is ill, please visit the following article and attempt to answer all of the questions. Please also carry out an ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH water test

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