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After carrying out a survey on our community forum, I have compiled a list of various types of food that our members feed their Oscars.  Some of the commercially available food listed may be unavailable in your particular country. However much of the food listed is easily found in your backyard, in other words its FREE!!!.  Just one warning before feeding harvested food to your Oscars, do not collect food from areas of the garden that has been treated with pesticides, whereas there is little chance that you'll actually kill you Oscar, you may well upset its stomach so better be safe than sorry.


Commercially Available Pellet Food

Hikari Cichlid Gold floating (Available Sizes - baby pellet, mini pellet, medium pellet, large pellet)
Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking (Available Sizes - mini pellet, medium pellet)
Hikari Cichlid Bio Gold (Available Sizes - mini pellet, medium pellet)
Hikari Cichlid Staple (Available Sizes - baby pellet, mini pellet, medium pellet, large pellet)
Tetra XL Cichlid Sticks
TetraCichlid Food Sticks
Tetra Dorimin
Tetra Prima
Aqueon Cichlid Pellets
Aqueon Herbivore Cichlid Pellets
Ocean Nutrition Cichlid Omni Pellets
Pure Aquatic Cichlid Pellets

Frozen Food

Cockles (fresh shelled)
Mussels (fresh shelled)
Beef Heart
Hikari Frozen Krill
Hikari Frozen Blood
Hikari Frozen Brine Shrimp
Hikari Frozen Silversides
Ocean Nutrition Frozen Blood Worm
Ocean Nutrition Super Shrimp
Ocean Nutrition Lance Fish
Ocean Nutrition Whole Mussel
Ocean Nutrition Chopped Mussels
Ocean Nutrition White Shrimp
Ocean Nutrition Frozen Clams
San Francisco Bay Brand® Sally's Frozen Emerald Entree™ Fish Food


Live Food

Garden Worms (nightcrawlers)
Super Worm
Shrimp (probably easier to buy frozen shrimp)
Fish (beware of cheap feeders that can contain disease}


Fresh Food



Freeze-Dried Food

Tubifex Worms
Flukers Freeze-Dried Crickets
Flukers Freeze-Dried Mealworms
Interpet Freeze Dried Krill


Fruits and Vegetables

Green Beans

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