needing to upgrade my oscar aquarium asap need advice please

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bayliss666 created the topic: needing to upgrade my oscar aquarium asap need advice please

Hi all,
Im hoping to get some advice
Ive had tropical fish for a few years but im no pro and need help before I make the wrong decisions about 2years ago I started keeping tropical community fish so I know some basics on keeping tropical fish and controlling the ph ammonia nitrate nitrite ect,
After a trip to the local fish store I noticed two beautiful fish and I made the decision i want to have a few tiger oscars..
At the moment I have a aqua one AR-980 ( aprox 200 ltr tank) when purchasing two baby 3inch oscars I informed the store i had a 200 ltr tank thay informed me the tank size was fine but I should really add an extra filter as they are very messy fish so I ended up paying for a extra filter...
About a week later I had done a bit of research and contacted the pet store and asked him why he said my oscars would be fine in my tank when its clearly way to small for them.. After a argument that resulted in the shop putting the phone down it was clear that they did not give a s**t just another high street store wanting money money money...
After speaking to another fish store they told me I was ill advised and that I should either rehome my babys or upgrade my tank
As I have fell on love with my oscars I've decided to upgrade my tank
After a visit to the second pet store i realised im looking at spending £1500 on a new tank
Its an aqua aquience 1800r and sounded fantastic apart from the price and after alittle research alot of people are saying aqua one tanks are cheep built tanks and not worth the money.... So I've had an idea but not sure if its a smart one or a really dumb one..
Im now thinking of getting a 200gallon indoor pond with a good quality filter and adding the appropriate amount of heaters... Obviously oscars jump so ill put a net on top so they cant jump out and hurt themselfs.. And from what ive seen i can get everything for around £600/700 thats half of the price of the tank....
So im wanting advice is this possible can I keep oscars in a indoor heated and filtered pond has anyone done this before am I better off with the tank or should I go for the indoor pond... All I want to do is give my babys the best I can afford with a budget or £1000/1500 all information is Grateley appreciated meny thanks

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Suprd71 replied the topic: needing to upgrade my oscar aquarium asap need advice please

Hello and welcome to OFL. Indeed you received bad advice on the initial sale. Good that you recognize the issue and want to correct immediately. Indoor pond will work fine, especially if you have concerns about the reputation of the other aquarium. Be aware however that filtering a 200g cichlid pond may be a challenge.I am assuming the pond will sit on the floor. Large canisters will work well, but there is a height requirement for most canisters, between the top of the can and the rim of the tank/pond. Fluval FX6's would be the best bet imo.

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OFL replied the topic: needing to upgrade my oscar aquarium asap need advice please

In theory, the indoor pool should be fine, especially as it is going to be 200 gallons. Maybe you should think about getting the sort of filtration that people who keep Koi carp use? I'm trying to picture what this pool would look like. Obviously canister filters are made to work, aquariums, they probably wouldn't work very well if they were standing higher than the water level. I can imagine building a nice pool as a centrepiece in a large room, but obviously a lot of thought would have to go into the design.

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