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TheOscarfishMan81 replied the topic: Introducing my self

I had a ruby shark with my other Oscars I put him in cos I had no ware else to put him as he was terrorising all my other fish in the other tanks and as a last resort I put him in with my Oscars and he lived with them for over 5 years as did a blue Acara that was doing the same I must admit my other oscars tryed to eat him when I first put him in there but he survived the night and after that they never bothered him at all in fact he used to swim with them.

The red tailed shark in with the two I have now come with a tank that I bought and he was in the tank before I got the Oscars so he has been with them since I got them they show no sign of aggression towards him in fact he has claimed a peace of bogwood for him self and will some time try to chase off the Oscars when they try moving it needless to say they just carry on as if he not there.

I've been lucky with the Oscars that I've had as they all have been quite placid living with other fish with no aggression issues I guess it just luck of the draw as I've see and heard of Oscar that just will not live with other tank mates.

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OFL replied the topic: Introducing my self

Hi there, a very warm welcome to our little community. Look forward to your input :-)

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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