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Nostymos created the topic: Great Site!

Hey guys, been lurking since February, figure I'll introduce myself now. I'm new to the fish hobby, but in deep now and I love it. I've picked up a 55 gallon tank on CL to house some piranhas (in a 20 gallon tank) I "inherited" from a deadbeat tenant, but the tank came with a 12" Oscar. I was trying to give him/her away while setting up the tank, but the more I learned about the fish and experienced his/her personality, we fell in love with him/her. I then proceeded to put the piranha and the Oscar together in the 55 gallon. The Oscar would bully the piranha during the day, but after the first night together, I noticed a little fin nips on the Oscar and realized I didn't want to subject the Oscar to live like that after having the 55 gallon to himself, with a couple of plecos. So I looked to get a larger tank for the Oscar and I found a great 150 gallon tank to house him/her in. Now Sherbert, as my oldest daughter called him/her, has been living in the 55 gallon since April with two Jacks and one 6" oscar, Nugget (and the two plecos).

I've got a FX-5, Fluval 405 and an Eheim 2217 for filtration.

I'll try to post some pictures (when I figure out how, other than links), any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

Great information and thanks to the moderators for keeping it going.

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DRACO replied the topic: Great Site!

welcome to the community...

yeah oscar and piranha will never mix... especially when tank is not big enough.
you can post pictures LOL! the community loves pictures.

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