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Syotos73 created the topic: saving young ones

hi guys I'm new to all this fish tanks and in the pass year I decided to have one so I got a 75gallon tank and 2 Oscar during this time I research about them and read different post on forums. well to my luck I've got a breading pair and they reproduce like crazy through all the research I've done the water conditions of my tank is way off for them to be able to reproduce but they do. Anyways I've got another 55 gallons tanks and been trying to save the Littles ones witch I find very difficult so far out of 7 to 8 batches I got I manage to save 1 of them I have all there proper foods. my question is any tricks to be able to save more of them I would love to save more I found a fish store that would buy them from me at 2 inches and I would like to know what be the proper pricing to sell them at

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OFL replied the topic: saving young ones

Oscar fry will only survive if the water conditions are absolutely pristine. It seems as if they are dying because you are not able to provide them with clean water.

Are you removing the fry as soon as they hatch in the main tank? You need to get them out as soon as possible to reduce the chances of them being killed by unsuitable water conditions. Now you said you got 55 gallon aquarium. The only other problem you've got is how you keep this cycled without any fish in it. The water must be absolutely perfect in order to keep the fry alive in the initial few weeks of their lives. This is where the problem lies. You can't just leave the tank empty without any fishing and expect the filters to remain healthy. If you are serious about this then there is another way around it. Get yourself a 20 gallon aquarium and set it up properly. Then get yourself a group of community fish, guppies or tetras for instance. You could use these community fish to provide the biological filter with food. Then when you're ready to transfer the fry into the 55 gallon aquarium you simply transfer the community fish into the 20 gallon aquarium, do a big water change to bring the nitrate levels down to no more than five ppm.

Another thing that is probably important is to feed the baby fry on a good diet. Have you ever raised baby brine shrimp before? It's not difficult, you can either make your own brine shrimp hatchery, you can buy one of the Internet. All you do is get the eggs and hatch them, it only takes a couple of days. Then you've got a really first-class food source for the baby fry. I don't think really is any other better food for baby fry other than baby brine shrimp to be honest with you.

Anyway, see other people say, that's just one way you could go about trying to save your baby Oscar fry

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