My first Oscar

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Bama8400 created the topic: My first Oscar

I've been reading this site for about 3 months. I got my first tank and my first oscar then! My girlfriend saw him/her at petco so we rescued him/her from the aisles of glass tapping! :) I don't know much about fish care or Oscars, you guys have been a big help so I wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for all the good advice you have provided. My avatar is Savy (our tiger oscar) currently in a 30 gallon tank with a penguin 350 gph power filter and some small cave line decorations. I can't figure out how to post pictures directly here.

I do have a bigger tank (65 gallon) that I am currently setting up as a planted tank with African chichlad live bacteria substrate, drift wood, dwarf hair grass and a few other plants I can't remember the names of. My idea is to make a more natural home for Savy thinking it will be more healthy?

I currently do 25%-40% weekly water changes, cleaning the gravel every Sunday as well as dechlorynating the new water and adding aquarium salt per new gallon of water.

Savvy seems to be healthy but I am curious about the lateral lines along the sides of the body. Is this normal?

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OFL replied the topic: My first Oscar

Hi there and welcome to our little community.

I think you are sensible when you say that you will use a 65 gallon tank for the Oscar. Unfortunately 30 gallons and the filter you have will not be enough for your Oscar when he reaches adulthood. In order to keep the water quality in good condition you do need a much better filtration system, plus the extra space and water.

In order to put photos on the forum you need to go to and create an account. Then all you do is upload your photos, use the code provided when you click on one your photos and simply include it in with your posting.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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DRACO replied the topic: My first Oscar

if i were in your shoes, i will set up the 65 gal for the oscar..
surely the fish will enjoy the big space... lateral line look just as fine to me!@

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