Oscar Not Eating (Worried)

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Suprd71 replied the topic: Oscar Not Eating (Worried)

Some improvement is good news. Big caution on using Ph, or alkaline altering chemicals. Very bad. Oscar is a natural acidic, soft water fish from South America, and your tap water may just be right in his comfort level. You should have your own test kit. The API freshwater liquid kit is most trusted. Avoid Petsmart for testing and advice. We will help you every step, and you will never get bad advice or false info here. Its unlikely you are cycled yet, so protect your fish with 50% water changes no further than 3 days apart. Use a water conditioner/dechlorinator with each change. You want Seachem Prime for this duty. Any question at all, simple or technical, just ask. We have the correct answer and procedure!

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