Hi and some advice please.

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Lisa-marie70 created the topic: Hi and some advice please.

Hi my name's Lisa-Marie and I have my beloved Oscar called Ozzy, he's about 5-6 inches big and about 4 years old, we've had him since a baby.
Hes such a character and very loved, however the past 24 hours her dug a hole in the gravel at the bottom of the tank and is sat in it. He looks very grumpy and doesnt want to come say hello as normal. We have never had this from him before, is it normal behaviour or something we need to do?
Any advice will be much appreciated. Thankyou.

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OFL replied the topic: Hi and some advice please.

Hello Lisa Marie, welcome to our community. 6 inches is rather small for an Oscar of four years old. How big is your aquarium? Can you post a photo of your fish please?

It's not unusual for Oscars to do weird things like digging holes in the gravel, moving things around in the tank. As for why they do it, I don't think anybody is really that sure. What you got to remember is that when fish becomes sexually mature they are ready to breed. So even though they may be alone in the aquarium, it doesn't stop them from behaving as if they are going to start breeding. As for why your Oscar has dug a hole in the gravel and is now sitting in there, I've never heard that one before. However, when Oscars lay eggs and they hatch, they will often dig a hole in the gravel and move the fry into this area. Maybe it's related to this practice?

Have a look if you can at the underside of your Oscar. See if there's anything protruding down, something like a spike or an oval white looking protrusion. If Oscars get broody and sometimes their sexual organ will be visible.

I'm afraid that's about as much advice as I can give you because I've seen this type of behaviour before and people have talked about it for years but I've never actually spoken to anyone who has an absolute conclusive answer to why they behave like this.

I may not always be right, but I am always the BOSS :-)

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